What Was 2019 for Me?

It’s finally 2020! Yay! So when I think of 2019 for me, what do I think of? I realize that it has already been about a year of me developing Alexa skills and publishing YouTube videos and blog posts. To me, it feels like I was developing my first Alexa skill, Kids Advice, just a few months ago! I have been thinking about my journey with Alexa in 2019, and I feel proud of what I have accomplished.

I have developed 4 Alexa skills, (Kids Advice, Meal Buddy, Wheel of Fun, STEM Party). I have nearly completed my 5th Alexa skill Water Tracker. I have been interviewed 4 times and was featured on Voicebot.ai. I have also been to a hackathon and an Alexa Meetup. I have created 15+ blog posts about Alexa and several videos explaining Alexa concepts. Last but certainly not least, I get to speak at Project Voice in less than 2 weeks!

I’ve been pondering about what I plan to do in 2020, and here’s what my goals are. I want to develop more Alexa skills. I’d like to create more blog posts and videos. I would like to go to a few more conferences and someday maybe even start my own podcast! Definitely more hackathons and Meetups too!

So, these are my thoughts on the past year and the coming year! I’d love to know yours!

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Aariv Modi

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Aariv Modi is a blogger, programmer, Alexa skill developer, and AI enthusiast. He is in 9th grade at Round Rock High School and has created several Alexa skills and mobile apps. Aariv was recognized as the Voice/AI Pioneer of the Year by Project Voice in 2021 for his contributions to the conversational artificial intelligence industry. He is also the youngest AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder and AWS Certified Machine Learning professional. Aariv has contributed much of his learning with the Alexa and voice community through his blog and social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he taught hundreds of kids how to develop Alexa skills through webinars, camps, and posts on his website. He was the youngest presenter at several international voice and AI conferences, such as Project Voice 2020, VOICE Global 2020, and VOICE Summit 2020.
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