SpellSmart – Mobile App for Spelling Practice

A while back, I was studying for a spelling competition, and my family would say a random word from the list and I would spell it. The trouble was, there were words that none of us had ever seen before and could certainly not pronounce. After a couple of failed practice sessions, I came up with an idea so none of us had to speak the words: just have a device do it instead. I was recently learning React Native, so I thought of building a mobile app to solve my problem.

I worked hard for a couple of days to create an app that speaks the word, I would spell the word, and my family would just check that I spelled it correctly. I even added a repeat feature and programmed the app to keep track of the words you misspelled. Because of my creation, I felt much more prepared and comfortable going into the contest. I’ll be getting my results in a couple of weeks, so wish me luck!

For more information about my app, watch the video I created about it!